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Well howdy! (Was that too much Texan for y’all?) I’m Sarah, sometimes known as Momma Trout, and I am pretty much awesome. I like Catelyn Tully Stark, all kinds of Family Duty Honor fun, Michelle Fairley, Star Trek, The West Wing pumping iron, taking pictures, demolishing stereotypes about women and Southerners, and destroying the ignorant and hateriffic in character tags. My skills include reblogging almost everything interesting and being super welcoming to new followers, so pull up a chair, grab a cold drink, and enjoy!

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Standard Disclaimers apply: the Gifs in the sidebar aren't mine; full credit goes to the makers and any artwork I post of mine will be watermarked with my logo. This multi fandom monstrosity of mine abounds with spoilers; if y'all need me to tag something just drop me an ask.
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I'm rapidly being reminded that the Cat stans I follow have the best taste in everything. :')
shedontspeak shedontspeak Said:

The Team Dragonstone crew is pretty flaw free themselves too darlin’ heart.

  1. theoldgods said: Catelyn + Dragonstone = true love (well, after Cat + Ned)
  2. asolitaryrose said: I love y’all ♥ (sorry about barging in but it had to be said)
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